Future Shop: Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB $59.99 (Save $50)

Future Shop: Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB $59.99 (Save $50)


Pick up this sweet little deal on the massive Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB flash drive for storing and transferring data. Originally $109.99, this USB drive is on sale for $59.99.

I remember when hard drivers were smaller than that flash drive is... and they most certainly did not fit into your pocket. Heck, I remember when a 2 GB flash drive was a thing of beauty and held so much stuff! I still own a 2GB flash drive. Suddenly, I feel really old.

I price compared this drive with a few of the places I could find the same model. NCIX.com has the same drive priced at $99.99 plus shipping. Newegg.ca has the drive on sale for $89.99 with $7.99 shipping. Future Shop's deal is better because it is cheaper by $30 and you receive free shipping, which saves you another $8 or more.

So this thing is massive: not the actually flash drive itself - which is tiny - but capacity wise it is just huge. It can hold approximately 55,000 pictures or 18,000 songs. That is not just your average music library, which is a large enough capacity for an average disk jockey to feel comfortable being away from home for a good while. Those numbers may seem excessive, as I am sure your average Jo is not going to be carting around that many photos or songs. However, this drive will also hold around 85 SD or 32 HD movies. As more and more movies are including digital copies, this sort of capacity has pretty large appeal. You can now let your friend borrow your digital movie or transfer your films from one computer to another.

The USB drive uses 3.0 technology to transfer your data fast. This is certainly an improvement over 2.0. With the flash drive, you will also receive a five year warranty and free technical support encase anything corrupts or goes wrong with your drive. Kingston is usually good at standing behind their products and the five-year warranty on this one certainly gives that impression.

Ratings on the product have been positive. As one reviewer said:

Love it! Holds a ton of stuff, we have 2 computers in the house and works great for sending stuff back and forth, also so handy for filling with photos etc. to take when we travel to show friends and relatives. So convenient. Thanks.

Future Shop offers free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

(Expiry: 14th July 2014)


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