Future Shop Cyber Monday Flyer Preview Now Available!

Future Shop Cyber Monday Flyer Preview Now Available!


Over on our Cyber Monday dashboard and forums, the super team of deal-hunters have spotted that the preview of Future Shop’s Black Friday flyer is now LIVE on their site! The flyer is 20 pages long and stocked full of deals, everything from TVs to luggage sets.

As for the big event itself, here are the start dates and times:

  • ONLINE: 11.59PM on the 30th November 2014
  • IN-STORE: 9AM on the 1st December 2014

So whether you’re surfing the interwebs at midnight tonight, or braving the cold weather first thing in the morning, you’ve now been armed with all the deal information from the Future Shop Cyber Monday flyer.

There’s so much information in there that I cannot condense it all in to this one blog post. But I am going to have a scan through the Cyber Monday flyer and using my trained deal-hunting mind, I’ll pick out a few of the bargains for you to peruse. Some of the prices are ALREADY live now:

Just be careful and do a bit of research now and before you buy the item. For example, there’s a Haier dishwasher which Future Shop are stating is $150 off tomorrow, down to $350. But it’s already listed at the $350 price on their site just now, saying $100 off. That sounds a bit dodgy… but it’s still a great base price. But are they inflating the saving for Cyber Monday? As always Moosers, do your research and go forth forearmed with knowledge!

Here are all the flyer pages:

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="197864,197865,197866,197867,197868,197869,197870,197871,197872,197873,197874,197875,197876,197877,197878,197879,197880,197881,197882,197883"]

(Expires: 4th December 2014)


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