Future Shop: Clearance Prices on iPod and mp3 Player Cases

Future Shop: Clearance Prices on iPod and mp3 Player Cases


I was doing some shopping around for a new case for my Ipod touch as my current one actually broke (fancy that... ). While checking out the standard stores I would look at, that being The Source, Best Buy, and Future Shop to see if any were on sale I ran across some really exceptional deals on some cases for iPods and mp3 players. They seem to be part of their clearance web deals of the week... so they will probably disappear quick!

Check these deals and more out at Future Shop's online Clearance Centre

iLuv is a tried, tested, and true brand of cases for iPods, and a great one at that. This is a set of 4 silicone cases and come in colours black, blue, pink, and white.  They fully protect your shuffle while allowing you access to all buttons.

Another set of iLuv cases for your iPod shuffle, this time it is 2 hard cases, instead of the silicone ones. One is clear, the other is tinted black. Both for an exceptional price.

Not sure why this is called an iPod Nano pouch because it is a universal pouch. UNIEA U-Sleaf universal sleeve is designed to fit today's popular digital music players. Neoprene is used for durability and style. The back side of the U-sleaf is a special anti-skid pad to prevent the product from sliding around on surfaces such as desktop, car dash, etc. U-Sleaf LG will fit iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Zune 80GB and devices of similar size.

So this one should have been called the iPod Nano case +, because it fits nanos. It is just like the one above except this one will fit iPod Nano, Samsung S3, Zune 4GB and devices of similar size.

As you can see, you can get some exceptional prices on a variety of cases to fit many different mp3 players and iPods.


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  • Ashley
    Hey Avigail, I recently purchased a 3G iPod touch case for my 2G iPod touch at The Source. It's a crystal clear case by Gnarlyfish, comes with 2 screen protectors and is only $4.96. Although it is a 3G case, it fit my 2G perfectly. I thought this was a really great deal and I just wanted to give you a heads up.