Future Shop: Canon EOS Rebel XS Black 10.1 MP DSLR Camera for $449.99

Future Shop: Canon EOS Rebel XS Black 10.1 MP DSLR Camera for $449.99


When I asked Moosers what they wanted for Christmas, I couldn't believe the number who wanted a DSLR Camera. So when I saw this deal on Future Shop I was quite pleased at the price and thought I would share. You can get a Canon EOS Rebel XS Black 10.1 MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mm IS Lens for only $449.99.

Future Shop says it is only $30 off their normal price, however this camera costs up to $600 on other websites. Best Buy is out of stock of this camera right now and their price was $479.99. The price on NCIX.com is $599.99 for this exact camera!

It also has great reviews, here are some I have taken off various websites:

Since high school 2 years ago, I've stuck with film photography. This year I've decided to try digital and the Canon Rebel has not let me down! I really recommend it for anyone interested in photography. They have automatic settings that work much better than I originally thought, and they also have manual settings for more advanced options/users.

I have had Canon cameras for about 30 years now and I have just gone from the first EOS the 650 to this camera and to my surprise this one really turns out some good quality shots. Add the image stabilized lens and turn up the contrast and sharpness and the pics are really 1st rate.

I have shot weddings, landscapes, family get together & everything else. I also use a canon 40d, save you money ,you wont notice a difference, use the extra money you save and buy the 55-250 is lens & a flash.5000 plus pics and counting.


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