Future Shop Canada: Sony 46" LED HDTV Package $520 Off

Future Shop Canada: Sony 46" LED HDTV Package $520 Off

It's almost Superbowl time and that means that it's a hot time for big screen TV sales. Future Shop has a great package to get you all geared up. Get a Sony 46" LED HDTV, home theatre system, Blu-ray player, TV stand and USB Lan adapter for $1299.99.

With a savings of $520 when you buy the complete package for $1299.99, you get:

The TV and stand together are on sale for $74.99 off the regular price this week and all the other extras get thrown in for a value of $520 for total savings of $595!

The smart TV takes TV watching to a whole new level, where you can:

Go beyond your scheduled programming and connect to the internet to instantly stream a wide variety of movies, TV shows, videos and music from YouTube and more with the built-in Bravia Internet Video. In addition to advanced energy-saving features such as presence sensor, you'll experience smooth motion detail in fast-paced scenes via Motionflow 120Hz refresh rate technology.

Let Future Shop hook you up with a whole new entertainment system at a fabulous price! Compare to Best Buy where the TV alone will cost you $1049.99 (reg. $1397.99) and that's without the stand, home theatre system, Blu-ray player and USB LAN adapter!

Expires: 26th January, 2012


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  • Lori3271
    I just bought the TV from Visions.ca at Christmas for $775. However, it did not come with the LAN adapter so, I've been researching the price for the LAN adapter - - everyone (including Sony) is selling it for approximately $80 - Futureshop's regular is $120? Futureshop has grossly increased their "regular" price to make this look like a good deal - just beware and do some researching