Future Shop Canada: Bosch Ascenta Built-In Dishwasher - $600 (Save $280)

Future Shop Canada: Bosch Ascenta Built-In Dishwasher - $600 (Save $280)

Future Shop Canada is offering $280 off the Bosch Ascenta Built-In Dishwasher. The dishwasher is now only $599.99 and Future Shop will also pay the taxes.

Depending on your province, the tax savings is an amazing extra bonus on top of the sale price.


  • With 50 dBA sound levels, it's virtually silent and the quietest in its class
  • An ultra-efficient wash system can save you up to 280 gallons of water each year
  • Self-latching door stays put and latches on its own
  • Stainless steel tall tub cavity
  • Four wash cycles and two options
  • Delay start option lets you set the dishwasher to run at any time
  • Exceeds Energy Star water requirements by up to 89%
  • EcoSense reduces energy usage by up to 20%
  • The Half Load cycle lets you do smaller loads with less water
  • Standard racks with a 14-place setting capacity and long silverware basket

I like the reduced water requirements and the reduced energy usage for this dishwasher. The reduced noise level is also a huge bonus because our current dishwasher I can hear even with the bedroom door closed and the fan on to block out noise.

(Expiry: 25th April 2013)


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