Future Shop Canada: BOG2 Free Select Luggage *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Future Shop Canada: BOG2 Free Select Luggage *HOT* (EXPIRED)


I have to admit, this Future Shop luggage promotion is really cool. Buy one piece of luggage and get two luggage free of equal or lesser value. This offer is available for today only.

I am not sure why it bothers saying that your two 'free' pieces of luggage have to be of equal or lesser value than your first piece of luggage. At checkout, the offer will show up as 67% off each piece of luggage so you are essentially paying for the composite price of one luggage. By composite price I mean, if you added the cost of all three luggage up, then divided by the number of luggage - that would be the price you would pay for all three. In many ways, this is a better deal instead of just paying for your most expensive piece.

If you are on a budget, I recommend picking up a few Samboro pieces of luggage. With this offer, you can purchase three for a good price. Pick up the Samboro 23" 4-Wheeled Spinner Expandable Luggage in three different colours: red, black, or grey. Each piece of luggage costs $121.99 so you will receive all three for just $121.99. That works out to $40.66 per luggage.

Can your budget stretch a little farther? If so, then try mixing and matching around the $200 level. I adore this Benetton Software 21" Upright 4-Wheeled Spinner Luggagefor $200.99 and would combine it with the Swiss Gear Turbo 20" Hard Side 4-Wheeled Expandable Luggage at $199.99 and the Antler Duolite 26" 2-Wheeled Luggage at $200.99. After I add all three to my cart, my cart total comes down to $200.66. That works out to around $67 per luggage! Even on sale, the cheapest I could find for an Antler luggage of this size, let alone any of the others, was around $120.

This deal is super-hot and I highly recommend buying as soon as possible. Every piece of luggage I looked out was already very limited in quality with sometimes less than 20 and even less than 10 available. Many are already sold out - especially the cheaper pieces.

You can purchase many popular luggage brands in this sale like Swiss Gear, Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, Delsey, and more. Unfortunately, there are no Heys luggage in this sale or I would be going absolutely bonkers right now. :D Let me know what you manage to get!

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(Expiry: 8th December 2014)


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  • Margarita D.
    Amazing deal!