Introducing Fugglers: Funny Ugly Monsters in Canada

Introducing Fugglers: Funny Ugly Monsters in Canada

Let's be real here. These are the kind of things I'd expect to see in my nightmares, but they're actually the toys of kids' dreams this year.

I'm talking about Fugglers: the Funny Ugly Monsters that are crawling their way to the top of wish lists this Christmas and selling out in stores across the country.

Here's the kicker. There are 40 different Fugglers to collect, and each one is weird in its own way – but they all have human-like teeth!

These 9" monsters are almost out of stock entirely at Walmart, but you can still find many of them at Toys R Us for $14.99 each.

Just be warned that you're adopting them at your own risk! I know I wouldn't want to run into one of these in the middle of the night, but kids are going crazy over them – maybe because each one is pretty creepy and even has a BUTTonhole sewn exactly where you'd expect.

If you buy them from Toys R Us Canada, you're limited to five Fugglers per customer. Home delivery is free on most orders over $49, but you might want to hurry if you need 'em for Christmas!


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