From $2, Dorm Rooms Essentials Perfectly Organized @

From $2, Dorm Rooms Essentials Perfectly Organized @

Moving away from home for the first time will entail a lot of thoughtful planning and organization. Staples is known for being the perfect place to purchase school supplies, but now you can start thinking of them for all of the following needs: Storage, Moving Supplies, Kitchen, Desk Organizers, Furniture, Wall Decor and Cleaning.

The very last thing a young adult heading to school will think about is cleaning supplies. Years ago I moved into an apartment that had not been cleaned before I moved in. All I had on me to clean was a bottle of fog resistant eyeglass cleaning spray. (It worked! There just wasn't enough for the whole apartment.) You will want your child to be more prepared than that!

All of the mentioned categories above (and in this list below) are well organized at Staples it will be fun to sit down with your child, go online to the Staples wesbite and help them to plan the things they need to bring with them when they move to the dorm.

These convenient collapsible crates will come in handy for so many different things on moving day. They're on sale for $7.42, from $9.89.

Here's a stackable letter/legal file storage box that will be a good storage unit for your child to hang onto paper receipts, bills and even important school assignments. In the meantime they can sign up for as many e-receipt documents as they can, so as not to have to deal with too many paper files. I love this idea because otherwise kids just end up using boxes that aren't very durable. This is a great sale; the reg. price is $33.94 and it's on sale for $14.95.

The more I click around on the Staples website, the more I see of things I just wouldn't think to pack with me to take to a dorm room. Wastebaskets, for example... your child will need some of these, too.

Staples has really thought of everything for a dorm room. So whether or not you are buying when you head over to browse online, this is a great place to explore to find items that will come in handy for when your child is on their own for the first time!

Many of the items are on sale and shipping is free at when you spend over $45.


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