French Connection Coupon: 40% Off Regular Prices or Extra 10% Off Sale

French Connection Coupon: 40% Off Regular Prices or Extra 10% Off Sale

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There is a new coupon code out for French Connection Canada that will save you money on everything site wide.  If you are shopping the regular priced items, you will save 40% on them all.  If you are shopping the sale items, you will save an additional 10% on every one of them.

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  • Coupon Code: APPRECIATEME
  • Discount: 40% off regular prices or 10% off sale items
  • Expiry: 19th October 2014

French Connection Canada is one of those stores that is so trendy and fashionable but they can be on the more expensive side.  The only way I would consider shopping there is with a coupon code like this one that will get me more bang for my buck.

I just love this men's eagle has flown jacket that is priced at $148.  It is actually not a bad price but this coupon drops the price 40% to just $88.80.  That is a great deal!

In the women's section, I found this awesome cotton striped dress that was $98 and is now on sale for just $49.99.  With the additional 10% off at the checkout from this coupon code, the price will end up being just $44.99.  Basically, you end up saving 50% of the original cost for this dress.

Shipping Information

I find the only drawback to shopping online at French Connection is their shipping policy.  They do not offer free shipping or a flat rate shipping cost. For example, the men's jacket I mentioned above has the cost of $20 shipping to where I live in Alberta.  Since I am saving almost $60 with this coupon code, it is still worth it to me to get it even for the cost of shipping.  I still end up saving $40 on the jacket in the end with all the taxes and shipping included.

We do have another coupon on the forum that will give you free shipping when you spend $100 or more, but you can only use one coupon at a time.  I suggest you add all of your items to your cart and see which current French Connection coupon will get you the best discount.


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