Free Swimming Courtesy Of Timmies!

Free Swimming Courtesy Of Timmies!

This deal is available at certain locations in the following provinces:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

There is a full list of all the locations and times on the Free Swimming page on the Tim Hortons website. I’ll not copy and paste them all in here, you can take a look and scroll down to find your nearest location.

If you’re trying to think of some activites to entertain the kids, make a note of the event time for your location, and take them out for some free fun!

I’m really not a very good swimmer at all. In fact, I do absolutely anything I can to avoid getting wet. I haven’t had a shower in 5 days. If you threw me overboard in the ocean, I reckon I could stay afloat for a few minutes, before my aching muscles decide that they could not take any more, and let me sleep the deep sleep of the drowned. I’m not scared of water, I just hate swimming!!

I think it came from school days, being forced to learn to get semi-naked in-front of hormone filled classmates, every Monday morning. The huddled masses in matching green swimsuits, the shivering… oh the joy.

Thanks amanky!


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