Free Stuff Canada: Free Full-Size Dove BodyWash (With Coupon)

Free Stuff Canada: Free Full-Size Dove BodyWash (With Coupon)

This sounds like a great Canadian freebie – it’s great to get free stuff like this! If you’d like to get yourself a full size “Go Fresh” body wash from Dove, just fill in the form on the (now expired) website.

Once you have done this, they will email you a link to, where you can then order your free coupon. It will then be mailed to your home within 5-7 days, and you can claim your free item at your local supermarket or grocery store. There are 3 go fresh bodywash scents to choose from!

Now, this freebie may or may not work, I’m not sure, but it’s worth a try. The email link eventally sent me to this page – hopefully you can order your free coupon too, without having to sign through the wakinguphannah site.

- Anna


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  • zeinab
    free sampleof dove
    • mygirls
      please send free sample of dove
    • Anna
      @ zeinab ... ????
      • Norma
        send me a free , go fresh body was from dove
        • Anna
          Hi Norma. Please read the instruction in the above post to order your freebie :)
          • Erika N.
            I went to the website and there is no form just a spot to put in your username and password, which there is no place for me to sign up. The page is blank with just that, I read all of the above and tried what you said, not working. Is there anyother was around this??
            • Anna
              I think the deal appears to be over now Erika! :)
              • JoyJoy
                They put up different items regularly. Last week they had a coupon for a free bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo.