Free Star Wars Knitting Patterns!

Free Star Wars Knitting Patterns!


The new Star Wars is coming out in December, and that happens to fall right before Christmas. If you are looking for the perfect personal gift for the Star Wars fanatic in your household, then you will want to take a look at these free knitting and crochet patterns that are Star Wars themed. Holiday season is the best time of the year to make hats, gloves and such for your family and friends as gifts. There are plenty of free Star Wars patterns for you to enjoy, so you could even make a few of the items for one person if you only have one Star Wars crazed person on your Christmas list.

General Star Wars Free Knitting Patterns

  • Fairisle Patterns From The Movie Star WarsIf you have the talent to make a pullover or a sweater, then you may want to chart a Star Wars character on the front or back. Here you can find several different chart patterns to get started with.
  • Star Wars Knit Charts There are even more Star Wars knit charts here. I like these ones better, there are more options and they look a little easier to follow. You can choose from Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, R2D2, and more character options here.
  • Star Wars Hat - Winter is here, and your hubby might just adore a Star Wars themed hat. You can make your own - either a beanie or a toque. This pattern will have you making a black hat with the yellow Star Wars logo.
  • Felted Light SaberI don't think I have ever tried felting, but for this project I might just give it a shot.

Death Star

  • Death Star PlushThis pattern will have you making a 14" replica of the Death Star! How cool is that? I kind of want one myself. What would you fill it with?


  • R2D2 BeanieThis adorable beanie is a perfect gift for anyone who adores R2D2. It is even 3D, but this is definitely for an advanced knitter. Can someone make me this, please?!
  • R2D2 HatOkay, so you are not experienced enough to make the 3D R2D2 hat I previously mentioned. But what about this one instead? This one is definitely better for someone who wouldn't particularly wear a 3D hat.
  • R2D2 ToqueOkay, so apparently a lot of people have created hat patterns for the R2D2 character. But they are all different, so how could I tell you about just one?!

Storm Trooper

  • Storm Trooper BeanieThis one looks interesting! Do you prefer Storm Troopers or Darth Vader?! Either way, someone on your Christmas list may enjoy a Storm Trooper Beanie for sure.


  • You Seek Yoda Hat This hat is great. The ears won't be flappy, and you can make it in either a child or an adult size. Thus, great baby shower OR Christmas gift for sure.
  • Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy Speaking of babies.. those Star Wars lovers that have just become parents might enjoy this Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy! Look how adorable it is.
  • Yoda iPod Cozy - Don't have a baby? No problem! You can make the Yoda iPod Cozy instead of the bottle cozy.
  • Yodagurumi Stuffed DollThis softy is just too cute. You can download the free pattern and make one for yourself or give it as a gift, but please make one for me.
  • Baby Yoda SweaterWant your baby to dress like Yoda? Then make them this Baby Yoda Sweater of course!

So there you have it! Loads of free knitting patterns to keep you busy with making Star Wars items until Christmas. I would love to see your finished products. How many of you Moosers knit?


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