Free Sponge Paper Towels With Vim Products!

Free Sponge Paper Towels With Vim Products!

I’d like to thank Moe from the Plusshe blog for emailing me to let me know about this deal. She got an email from telling her about this special offer on Vim cleaning products. If you buy any 2 Vim products, you get a free pack of Sponge paper towels instantly!! It’s a very good offer, as everyone needs cleaning products for their home, so you might as well claim the freebie while you’re at it!

There are loads of participating stores, such as Loblaws, Food Basics, Price Chopper and many more. You can read more details on the website. Apparently there is a coupon which you must pick up in store, in order to claim your free paper towels. The coupon expires on the 31st December 2009, so heaps of time left to make use of it. I’d even recommend picking up a few of the coupons for future use, but don’t be greedy, leave a few coupons for your fellow bargain hunters.

I couldn’t live without paper towels in my kitchen. When I run out, I feel like I’ve lost an arm or something! I guess they’re not very environmentally friendly, but I couldn’t cope without them! Spill half a can of tomatoes on the kitchen floor… paper towels. Splatter spaghetti Bolognese up the walls… paper towels. Spill half a bottle of red wine down my top… paper towels… :)


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