Free Scent Sample @ Shar’s Candles

Free Scent Sample @ Shar’s Candles

Would you like a free scent sample by mail from Shars candles? If so, just complete this form on their website.

This is part of the reply email that was received:

Please remember that these are scent SAMPLES, and not burnable, full sized candles. Please understand that I am just one person who is part of a larger company, and I do have a few people helping me with the numerous requests that come in. The samples that you receive are not provided by the company- we take the time to make these to send out to you; please do not email us and tell us you are upset with the sample you received. Again, these are scent SAMPLES, and not full sized burnable candles.

It seems a very negative email! But I guess they’re just a small company, and they don’t want to be pestered with time-wasters. So I reckon only order this freebie if you really are interested in their product.

This free sample offer is available inOntario, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia.

Once you get the sample, you can use it in a tart burner or a wax warmer to see what the smell is like. I wonder if they’re anything like the Yankee candles? Some of the Yankee Candle scents are amazing, so if they’re anything like that, all is good!


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  • Sheree D.
    I love scents and always look for new and exciting ways to fill my home with fragrances.
    • Shar
      Shar's Candles is not a big OR small company- this is a personal website of someone who was affiliated with a larger Candle company (Mia Bella). The information about the gal who started the page is real, and the site has changed hands a couple of times due to the massive amount of time that was being taken away from the family. People were making requests for full sized candles, and after receiving the sample, they would send an email back and ask why they didn't get a full sized candle. The sample (in a small baggie) was to experience the realistic scents of the candles that the company offered. After about 10,000 requests that came in over the course of 1 weekend, the wording of the reply email had to be changed. In no way was the email MEANT to be negative- it was in response to the responses that were within the request page, which also changed numerous times. There are numerous websites out there for the same purpose. Good luck to anyone else who requests a scent sample...