FREE sample of Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin K-Cup packs

FREE sample of Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin K-Cup packs

Get this freebie quick - it's only while quantities last, and it will probably be a popular one! It's a FREE sample of Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin K-Cup packs!


Valid to December 31st, 2011. Canadian shipping addresses only, excluding territories. While quantities last. Free samples include two 24-count boxes of Timothy's® Perfectly Pumpkin and two 24-count boxes of Timothy's® Decaf Colombian K-Cup® pack coffees. Your free samples will be shipped within 3 weeks, to the address provided. Offer is limited to one shipment per person.


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  • peepsi16
    thanks I ordered mine!
    • neera
      Is it over? When I click the link it says: Thank you for participating in our contest. The winners' names will be posted shortly.
      • Anna
        Looks like it has expired!
      • sue a.
        i am saddened to discover that your "free" perfectly pumpkin k-cup packs have expired.i am an avid supporter of Timothy's k-cups.could i still be included in your offer?
        • Anna
          Hi Sue. We're just a blog that writes about freebies, you'd need to go ask Timmies!
        • George P.
          They reneged on the offer. Now they send you one if you buy one. I'll never buy another cup at Timothy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's boycott Timothy's....
          • Ron M.
            They also reneged on my offer, even after they had sent me a confirmation e-mail on Dec 19 that stated "We have successfully received your information. You will receive your free samples soon." Shame on you Timothys! I will be contacting customer service on Monday to lodge my complaint, and if nothing is resolved, my brewer will never see a Timothys k-cup again!!!
            • April B.
              I also got an email saying that the pumpkin kcups were all gone and they were offering me a code buy one get one free. I emailed them and are waiting on a response because I or an email saying that they received my information and my samples would be arriving soon. Very misleading
              • Don J.
                Add me to the list of people who got shafted. Yes, they ran out of Pumpkin K-Cups, but the offer was for Pumpkin AND Decaf Columbian. They "ran out" of Pumpkin but they are willing to send you Decaf Columbian if you buy one. Very poor marketing on part of Timothy's. I had assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that they knew in advance how many they wanted to give away and limited their campaign to that number. Apparently their marketing department does not understand the Internet.
                • joy
                  I guess they have seen that they irritated many people with their "issues" with the free coffee. Now they are sending out a coupon for a free 12ct of coffee to redeem at a grocery store. They are blaming a technical glitch as to why I received a confirmation email even after the samples were gone. I appreciate this much more than a buy one get one free offer.
                  • Jj
                    Add me to the list of yet another dissatisfied individual who fell for this promo. I too received a confirmation email the free k cups were on there way and then weeks later another email about a 'technical glitch'. I was told a certificate for 12 free cups would be sent to the address I had provided. The non reply message to the email meant I has to do a little more work to contact the company. I did send them an email indicating my displeasure with this so called give away and how I had no confidence that dispute their assurances they would not sell my personal info. I asked about the difference in cost if mailing 96 k cups vs sending a certificate for the equilivent of 96 cups and any reputible company would supply the same number of cups. I received a confirmation email indicating my email would be answered in 48 hrs. That was over 10 days ago. Guess I shouldn't have thrown logic into the situation, most companies hate it when customers get logical. Logically, my k cups are no longer Timothy's.