Free Salad With Your Lunch @ Tim Hortons

Free Salad With Your Lunch @ Tim Hortons

Finally! Tim Hortons has introduced their new salads to their menu. I thought they would have followed suit a long time ago but I am glad they have finally done so. Right now you can get a free salad with your lunch purchase at Tim Hortons for a limited time.

So it looks like you need to follow the link above, enter your email address and then your coupon will be emailed to you. The coupon will be sent within 24 hours, and then you can use it to redeem a free salad. It is unclear if you will have to print the coupon, or if you can show it on your mobile device. I will let you know as soon as I receive mine!

This is a rather unusual way for Tim Hortons to offer a promotion. I don't think I have seen them request an email for a coupon before, but this is quite a substantial freebie so it is understood. Plus, then you will receive upcoming offers as well unless you opt out of that.

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  • dilbert1977

    Had the Caesar one at lunch, good thing it was free as I wouldn't pay for one, as while it was tasty, it must of had the minimum amount of lettuce by law to be considered a salad.