Free PC Game Download: Hidden Wonders Of The Depths!

Free PC Game Download: Hidden Wonders Of The Depths!


Got a few hours to spare? If you'd like to have a little fun, Bigfishgames is offering a free download of one of their games, Hidden Wonders of the Depths!

CouponCode: freedepthsemailpc

The game is normally $6.99 to purchase, but when you add it to your cart and apply the above coupon code, it drops to $0.00. You can then just download it!

Now, I haven't tried the game, but it looks like one of those little cute puzzle games which just eats up hours and hours of your free time!


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  • amanda
    If you are trying to download Hidden Wonders/Depths onto a mac, the free code is: freedepthsemailmac.
    • amanda
      oops, don't put the period at the end of the coupon code: freedepthsemailmac
      • PMcCormick
        Thanks so much. I downloaded this game last night and have been playing it all day. It's great! You're right it is a time waster, however, it is fun! and addictive! Love these games