Free Multigrain Cheerios (

Free Multigrain Cheerios (


Here's a great offer - you'll need both a Facebook account a account (which I think most Bargainmoosers would anyway)! You can get yourself a free box of multi-grain cheerios!

When you click the above link to facebook, you should see the banner for the free cheerios. If you are signed in to your Facebook account,  click the "like" button at the top of the page. When you do so, the page should update and you will see the link to When you click it, it sends you through to and you can claim your coupon. will mail you the coupon which you can then redeem at your local supermarket to claim a free box of multigrain cheerios!

I really like cheerios!


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  • Laksmi
    Yeah but: "Allowing Life Made Delicious access will let it access your Profile information, photos, your friends' info and other content that it requires to work." Why would need access to my FB profile? (Rhetorical question.) The coupon isn't worth my privacy. Maybe I should create a dummy FB profile for things like this.
    • Anna
      Hi Laksmi. This is the standard thing that happens when you use any application on Facebook.