Free Letters From Santa

Free Letters From Santa


Just in case you didn't know about it, I am writing about the Santa letter-writing program from Canada Post. Your child can pen their letter to Santa, include a return address, and receive a special letter back!

You should mark the letter with this address:

Santa Claus

North Pole HOH OHO


You will receive a reply from Santa, courtesy of the helpful postal elves.

Alternatively, you can also email Santa from this page, and you will also get a response there.

When I was small, I never actually mailed any letters to Santa. I usually just wrote it and left it out for him on Christmas Eve, beside the cookies (which were always gone by morning)!

I think this is a really nice gesture from Canada post though, to take the time to return all the letters. They have been doing it for 29 years!


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  • Jennpup
    And you don't need to include a return *envelope* - just a return address. ;-) It is a wonderful service! My daughter loves sending her letter to Santa and getting a reply every year.
    • Jennpup
      And you also don't need to put a stamp on the one you send - it gets there anyway. My daughter usually draws her own 'stamp' in the top corner. ;-)
      • Anna
        Thanks Jenn, updated :)
      • natalie d.
        you could also check out the Magic Santa Website to see a video message personalized to your child. very cool
        • Stephanie
          As a kid, my sisters and I would always write a letter to Santa this way and await a reply letter. Canada Post does a fantastic job with a long typed letter on fancy xmas paper and always included a little handwritten note at the bottom of the letter. When I eventually have kids, I will be doing this with them too!
          • Tracy
            Remember teachers ~ you can also send your class letters in too. Just remember to send them in earlier in the month because school lets out on Dec 17th, so the children get their return letters before that (most teachers want the whole lot to come back as a package to their class). Please ensure return addresses are clear (not done in pencil as this tend to rub off in the delivery service) so that elves may reply.