Free Kids Bowling

Free Kids Bowling


On, there is a special deal for certain bowling venues in Canada. Kids can bowl for free!

You can register 6 kids, who would be able to bowl for free. They can have 2 free games per day over the summer. There is a list of FAQ here if you want to know a bit more.

After that, if you want to buy the family pass, it costs $24.95, and that would permit 4 adults to bowl as well. You must use the above site to register, it wouldn't be available to buy at your local bowling center.

The site covers the US and Canadian bowling centers. I'll paste a full Canadian breakdown in here for handiness:








Bowling can be quite expensive, but for only $24.95 you and your family would be covered for the whole of the summer. Or just let the kids go free :)

Thanks for the pic neurmadic aesthetic!



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  • Steve
    I'm sorry I work at Academy Lanes Winnipeg, Manitoba and you have it backwards. It's free to register up to 6 kids first. Once that is done then you are able to register for a family pass for up to four adults. That is how it works. They pay for shoes, $2.00 each upon arrival.
    • Anna
      Oh, I found it a bit difficult to understand on their website! I'll check it again and edit. Thanks :)