Free Funky Photo Frames!

Free Funky Photo Frames!

I’m a jar hoarder – I don’t like throwing them in the trash. I do usually recycle my glass jars, but for some reason, I think I’m going to need them for something in the near future. I peel off the labels, pop them in the dishwasher, then stick them in a cupboard never to be seen again. There are colonies of jam jars and pickle jars breeding deep in the shadowy recesses of my cupboard space!

I saw this idea over on the decoraddict’s blog, and I thought I’d share, as it’s a kind of bargain, of sorts! I think it’s a great idea – they results look brilliant! You can turn your glass jars into unique photo frames, by simply cutting a nice photo to the right size, popping it into the jar, and turning it upside down.

You could use all shapes and sizes of jars to make the frames. Or you could even be adventurous and try using interesting bottles, like classic coke bottles or mini wine bottles. Give it a try! If you do attempt to make some, I’d love to see your results – post a photo below in the comments!

Original source: Photojojo.


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