Free E-books For Shoppers Optimum Members

Free E-books For Shoppers Optimum Members

Free E-book
This just in! This offer is for those who collect Shoppers Optimum Points. Right now you can get two free Harlequin E-Books just by entering your details. (A $40 value)

The two books you get are "The Last Cowboy" and "A Family of Her Own". Not my kind of books, but they're free so why not give them a read?  I spend enough time online already, might as well be doing something other than shopping!

  • Click the link below to claim your free e-books
  • On a side note, I think E-Books are really going to be the next trend, as far as Eco-Freindly terms go. There's not waste of paper and materials, waste of gas transporting the materials, and the books, and so on. What do you think of reading a book online?


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    • wench
      I kind of agree with you Shayne, that e-books are the next great thing, but I love to download in mp3 format so that, for me, makes it a little more portable. I can burn them to a disk and listen in the car anytime. I spend enough time during the day staring at the computer screen at work; sometimes I don't even want to play BioShock at the end of the day!! Don't tell Anna I said that though! ;)
      • Shayne
        I was actually going to add audiobooks in the post, but decided to leave it for another post. Right now iTunes has a pretty decent Audiobook for free, called "FREE: the Future of a Radical Price". It's just under 7 hours, so it would last you quite a while driving. You have to have an account on the US iTunes store, which I do. If you would like a copy of this audiobook, let me know, and I'll download it for you, and email it to you. :)
        • Shayne
          I just downloaded the audiabook... apparently iTunes has also protected the file. it will only work on iTunes and iPods.... Thanks, Apple!
          • liz
            Thanks for the link for Shoppers. you can actually download more than 2 titles. they offer about 10 in total!! i'm not a big harlequin reader, but it's nice to enjoy some fluff on occassion :)