Free $5 Gift Card When You Shop Online @ Giant Tiger

Free $5 Gift Card When You Shop Online @ Giant Tiger

Have you tried out the Giant Tiger online store yet? Now may be the perfect time to do so. If you shop online at Giant Tiger before May 24th, you will receive a free $5 coupon to use in store. You can even opt for free in-store pickup when you shop online, which gives you a perfect opportunity to use the free coupon you'll receive!

The coupon can be redeemed anytime between May 19th and June 14th - so you don't have too long to use it. You will also need to spend $15 or more in order to redeem your discount, but it is super easy to spend $15 at Giant Tiger considering they sell everything from slippers to milk.

Actually, I can quite often find good deals on food and grocery items in store too. So getting $5 off something already on sale would be pretty nifty, wouldn't it?

If you wish to opt for free in-store pickup, make sure the products you desire say "Eligible for FREE "Ship-to-Store" Shipping" underneath where you see the green check mark that shows they are available online.

(Expiry: 24th May 2016)


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