Free $20 Indigo Gift Card With UGO App Use!

Free $20 Indigo Gift Card With UGO App Use!

Hey UGO users! A bunch of people have been receiving emails regarding a fantastic offer - and I want you to get in on it. Until May 31st, use your UGO Wallet app to pay with a card you've registered to it, and you will get a free $20 Chapters Indigo e-Gift Card.

I think you will need to be an existing UGO Wallet user to redeem this offer, but if you just sign up now then let me know if you can redeem the offer as well.

UGO Wallet will may make your life that much easier. We already have so many things to fight with in our purse, so just pull our your phone and use your UGO Wallet. It acts as a digital wallet that can hold any of your loyalty cards and also allows you to pay using your phone.

This offer expires on May 31st - and make sure you redeem your gift card from the UGO Wallet Marketplace before that part of the offer expires, too.


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