Free Coupons For M&Ms

Free Coupons For M&Ms


Sign up on the jointhehunt website to get free coupons for buy 1 get 1 free on your M&Ms Chocolate Candies (383g) - yumtastic!

First of all you have to register on the website. When the web page loads you will see this link towards the bottom right. It should only take a minute. Then time for the coupon hunt! This is a bit more time consuming though…

Remember you can scroll way up into the sky too.

The location of the coupons are as follows:

  • Egg near newspaper on park bench
  • Egg in the pink flower bed
  • Egg in the green lawn under the pink flower bed
  • Egg to the right of the fountain
  • 3 eggs on the climbing frame
  • Egg behind the roundabout
  • Egg in front of blue shutters near top of the Candy Shoppe
  • 1 egg in right window of Candy Shoppe
  • 1 egg in left window of Candy Shoppe
  • 1 egg behind flower box on ground at Candy Shoppe
  • Egg behind red bucket in garden
  • 3 eggs near deckchair in garden

Once you have done all that, they will mail the coupon to you within 4-6 weeks.


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  • Kerry
    Do you have the PIN code?
    • Anna
      I don't think you need one Kerry, not for the coupons I describe above.
    • joy
      Got mine in the mail today. The coupon is only for their speckled egg m&m's. i'll have to watch for them.