Free Cellphones @ 7-Eleven (Buy $100 Voucher)

Free Cellphones @ 7-Eleven (Buy $100 Voucher)


24th October 2009: I am not sure if this is a sure-fire deal or not, as currently it is just a rumor floating round the interwebs. But I will pass the information on to you guys and you can make of it what you will.

Iamdrumming, a forum member over at apparently has a inside source in 7-Eleven and tells us that their "Buy a $100 voucher, get a phone for free" will be starting on the 16th of November 2009.

Technically, the promotion is this - you spend $100 on a voucher, and they will give you credit of $75 towards a phone. You can either put this credit towards a more expensive handset, or choose to take one of the sub-$75 handsets, technically getting the cellphone for free.

7-11 had this promotion last year as well, and lots of people took advantage of it.

So, if you were planning on getting a new handset for Christmas, and you are happy with pay as you go plans, then definitely consider this as a possible bargain. If I hear any more news on this, I will keep you guys updated.

UPDATE 17th November 2009: Bargainmooser "DJ" has dropped me an email to let me know that this promotion is now on! I shall bump the post for new eyeballs to see it.


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