FREE Browser Based Game You Can Play On Almost Any Device

FREE Browser Based Game You Can Play On Almost Any Device

Universal domination is imminent, my friend. Become the best Star Kingdom in the universe! Explore, grow, attack and conquer! If you have an internet connection and a web browser you can probably do all these things!

i know this is a little off from what we usually do here on Bargainmoose but I think everyone should know about it! This isn't a product that you can buy and take home like a brand new bust of Elvis Costello carved out of a 16-pound radish and it isn't a service like Elvis Costello's belly button de-linting service but rather it is an experience. It's something you can do. The reason I'm mentioning this on Bargainmoose, a money saving website, is because having experiences is often expensive. A vacation costs money, going to the movies cost money, renting or buying a game or movie costs money. Even going to the park can cost money if you have to drive, pay for parking, etc... I thought it would be nice to give you a free way to do something fun.

Star Kingdoms is a browser-based game. No, not a flash game you play in the browser. This is a text-based game. I know, I know. No fancy graphics, no visuals, how good can it be? Well, from someone who has been playing Star Kingdoms since 2001, I can tell you it is amazing. So essentially you start out as a little kingdom with 250 planets in a sector with a bunch of other people. You will start to make money, which you can use to explore, train troops, build buildings, and research new technologies. To perform these tasks you are presented with a screen that shows how many troops, buildings, planets or research points you have, how many you can make and a box to input how many you want to make.

It is a very tough game to explain and make sound exciting on it's own but trust me, it's awesome. The real reason the game is so great though is due more to its social aspects. There are real political issues and interpersonal relationships that you have to cope with in the game. On top of that, there is always someone bigger than you so you're always striving to get better and bigger faster than the other guys.

So if you think you'd dig this game at all, come on over and join. The game is currently a few weeks into this round and it is as fun as ever. There are two servers with very different gameplay and a facebook version. If you do join come find me. I play on server 1, the Terra Nova server and I'm in sector 1:9 and my kingdom name is Mycro. Just send me a message and mention that you heard about the game from Bargainmoose and I'll help you get your kingdom started.

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