Free Books!

Free Books!


Crown Publishing is giving out a few totally free books on their website!

You can choose from:

  • Breaking Out of Bedlam by Leslie Larson:  A novel about a widow who seeks an escape from an assisted-care facility
  • Prima Donna by Megan Chance: A story about a tormented opera singer who commits a murder
  • True Confections by Katharine Weber: A story about a family and its business, as seen by outsiders

You don't have to buy anything or pay shipping, these books are totally free. Thanks to Peter for the email!


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  • gail
    I saw this a couple of days ago. I wonder if there are any left...
    • Jody
      That is so compltely awesome, I really hope I get one! When I sent an e-mail it said thank you for your request, so we'll see I guess!
      • Lisa P.
        me too !! hey if any of you have done this before... do you end up getting a lot of junk mail or emails ??????? Just curious.
        • Cind
          I did the last one with the free Marian Keyes book and it came, no junk mail yet! *knocks on wood*