Free Bag Melitta World Harvest Premium Coffee

Free Bag Melitta World Harvest Premium Coffee


Would you like a totally free bag of Melitta world harvest premium coffee? Read on to find out how…

You have to become a member of the Melitta site (if you're not already), then fill in the form to refer a friend on the above link.  Melitta will then mail you a coupon for your free coffee, which can be redeemed in-store.

I normally don't like promoting these "refer a friend" offers, as I sometimes see them as a spam-fest. If you are going to refer a friend for it, don't spam all the friends on your email list, as you will probably just annoy them. They also get a free $2 coupon for their troubles.

This great deal was emailed to us by Bargainmooser Emma! Thank you!


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  • Hyena
    I think you get a free bag of coffee for each friend! That's a really good deal. I felt guilty about being greedy though, so I only did 2 people. You could set yourself up for a full year of free coffee, potentially! I really like coffee that you get to choose exactly which country the coffee comes from, so I like this brand.
    • Anna
      Great! Let us know what you get Hyena :)
    • Jean m.
      Hi there like the coffee and some of my use it and that is how I found it. Thank you