Free Baby Stuff: Free Sippy Cups from Avent! (BPA free)

Free Baby Stuff: Free Sippy Cups from Avent! (BPA free)

Quick freebies post here for you - this was a recent offer in one of the daily newspapers. If you are expecting a new baby, or have recently popped one out, you might find good use in this freebie!! If you call Avent on 1-866-624-1906 (expired now), you can order your complimentary “BPA-free” sippy cups!


They ask your name, address, phone number and kids’ ages. Getting free baby stuff is a great idea… they can be pretty expensive little bundles of joy!!


If you’ve heard a lot about this BPA hullaballoo and aren’t sure what’s going on, have a read of the wiki page on it.


P.S. Reports from other forums state that this freebie is a good one, and has been received by quite a few mommies!

- Anna


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  • Holly
    i called this number for this free sippy cup and got no answer
    • sarah
      Number has been disconnected according to recorded message.
      • joy
        The post is 3 years old!
    • NAOMI B.
      I am interested in the Free Sippy Cups from Avent! (BPA free) **** Removed personal details