Free 4x6 Prints - Just Pay Shipping @ Shutterfly

Free 4x6 Prints - Just Pay Shipping @ Shutterfly

My phone has about 16,000 pictures on it right now—yikes! I want to go through them all, but I don't want to delete any at the same time. I think I need to get some printed, and if you are in the same boat then you are going to enjoy this Shutterfly offer. Right now you can use the code 3MILand get 100 free 4x6 or 4x4 prints. The catch? You need to cover the shipping.

You can order more than 100 prints for sure, just you will only receive 100 for free. I could easily pick about 500 photos from my phone right now that I could have printed.

It looks like the shipping charge is about $9.99 USD for 100 prints but that could change depending on your location and if you order more than 100 photos, so you would essentially be paying $0.10 USD per printed photo. It's not as great as the Costco promotion that sometimes rolls around, but Shutterfly has a much nicer quality in my personal opinion.

This offer expires Wednesday, July 19th so don't miss out. You shouldn't be stacked with any duties at your door for this offer. I never had to pay anything extra at the door with my previous orders from Shutterfly.


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