Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Kids Plate - $23 @

Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Kids Plate - $23 @

Here's a great way to inspire your kiddos to eat. I have a picky eater on my hands and I am always looking for ways to make dinner more exciting for him so that he wants to eat everything, including his green beans. While you should definitely check out our tips & tricks for picky eaters, I've found another solution as well. This Fred and Friends Dinner Winner Kids Plate is a marvelous idea. This plate is currently $23 at Amazon Canada and I imagine it is worth every penny. Spend $25 to get free shipping.

This Dinner Winner Kids Tray sure looks like it can make any meal fun. The goal for your kiddo is to get to the finish line where a special covered treat awaits. So even the fussiest eaters will want to eat whatever is in their way of the finish line. I hope this will help my son eat everything on his plate. Make it reasonable though, of course.

The treat doesn't even have to be candy. My son thinks bell peppers are candy, so I would probably use those as his mystery treat sometimes. Fruit snacks or something along those lines would work well too. Reviews say that this tray is super sturdy. I was also glad to see that people found their kids excited to use it, as that is exactly what I am looking for.

This product is shipped and sold by, which requires you to spend $25 to get free shipping. Check out the rest of the items on for a small filler item to get you to that minimum spend threshold, as it will be cheaper than shipping.

I like the Tug Bowl which can also bee seen on the page for this Dinner Winner. It is also $23 and it comes with an adorable little bowl that looks like a tug boat. Kids can drive the tug boat around and eat whatever it contains.


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