Frank & Oak Canada: $36 Off Galesburg Spring Parka (Now only $69)

Frank & Oak Canada: $36 Off Galesburg Spring Parka (Now only $69)

It's spring time and Frank and his loyal manservant, Oak, want you to stay warm an stylish with this spring parka!

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  • Coupon Code: MILITARY69
  • Discount: $36 Off The Galesburg Spring Parka in Military
  • Expiry: 14th April 2013, Midnight ET

Frank & Oak's Galesburg Spring Parka in Military is only $69 with this coupon code. It was $106 but you are saving $36.

The Galesburg Spring Parka is a very important garment in the history of Frank and his loyal manservant, Oak. If you haven't been keeping up, make sure you read the first part of Frank & Oak's story before you continue with this post.

Weeks had passed since Frank left Henley manor in search for his mentor and the manors namesake. He didn't know how many weeks. It didn't matter. Finding Henley was all that mattered. He had tracked his mentor to a military base a few towns over and had made his way in to the base by jumping in to the back of a slow-moving military truck that had pulled to the side of the road to let a stream of faster traffic pass it.

The truck shuttered as the driver cut the engine at the gate check. The door slammed as the driver hopped out and then a pair of voices started towards the back of the truck. He grabbed a jacket that was lying on top of a box and pulled it over him, holding his breath, but eased his sword in its scabbard, just in case. The sliver of light that shone through the canvas flaps at the back of the truck exploded into a wide swath of bright afternoon sun as the MP guard peered in. For long seconds Frank held his breath, lungs burning for air, while the guard examined the contents of the truck. It was taking too long. Something was wrong. Frank started to bare his blade when the truck fell back into darkness and the voices started moving again, this time away from him. Air exploded out of him and he sucked greedily at the musty air trapped under the jacket.

The truck rumbled to a start and moved a short distance before settling again. Frank waited, still gripping the hilt of his sword, waiting for someone to start unloading the truck but no one came. He emerged from under the jacket and peered out of the truck. The lot that the truck had pulled in to was deserted other than the surveillance cameras keeping watch. He cursed and pulled his head back in to the truck. Settling with his back against the canvas wall of the truck, he felt under the jacket and looked down at it, fingering the material. An idea bloomed and he donned the jacket, pulling up the hood. He jumped out of the truck and began walking towards the center of the base. He smirked as he walked unremarked by a group of military engineers putting up a new sign proclaiming the base he was at, as Galesburg Army Supply Base: Warehouse #69.

The very garment that allowed Frank to walk through the base undetected is now sold by the company that bears the names of Frank and Oak. You can buy the military-inspired parka for yourself. Later in life Frank had been heard to say that the parka is the perfect piece for easy travel. He lauded it for its functional pockets and lightweight 100% cotton construction, It was perfect for layering and throwing on after hopping off a plane or out of the back of a military cargo truck. It features front button-down pocket, two side pockets, half-zip collar, and hip cord.

Shipping, as usual with F&O, is $6 flat.

For more about Frank and his loyal manservant Oak, keep an eye out for the next Frank and Oak deal at Bargainmoose. For more deals, check out ourFrank & Oak Coupon page.


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