FragranceX: Free Shipping Coupon Code

FragranceX: Free Shipping Coupon Code


FragranceX is a multi-national fragrance website that is offering free shipping with any order right now. I spent a good 2 hours yesterday pricing our their perfumes against The Bay and Sears... to find them cheaper by a mile!! Generally around 30 - 50% cheaper than our usual stores!

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Yesterday I spent time pricing out some perfumes I am dying to try. I was price comparing them with any other website I could find the perfumes on. I was primarily doing this because Beyond the Rack had a perfume sale on that was pretty good. But even FragranceX beat them on all prices except for 2. These are some of the perfumes I want:

For the conversion, 100 ml is 3.4 oz.

Sometimes you can also buy tester bottles. They are completely full and never used: they just lack the fancy packaging outside. It can save you a few $$!


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