They're Here! Fortnite Toys Now Available in Canada

They're Here! Fortnite Toys Now Available in Canada

If you're a parent, teacher or child at heart, there's no way you've been able to escape the Fortnite craze. And whether you love or hate the game, there are a few new real-world additions you need to know about: Fortnite toys are officially in Canada!

The widest selection by far is sold at Toys R Us Canada, and that's where you'll find figures, keychains, plush toys and, of course, Monopoly: Fortnite Edition.

There are plenty of new Funko POP! figures to add to your family's collection, including this Merry Marauder Vinyl Figure that would honestly make a pretty great stocking stuffer.

But the most impressive toy of all is probably this Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica. It's available for pre-order (at $69.99 online) and set to ship as early as Jan. 1, 2019. It stands at 39" tall, and no, it won't glow or grow when you eliminate other players – but it's still pretty cool.

Many of the same toys are available at EB Games, too – so you might want to check there if whatever you're after is out of stock at Toys R Us. Some of their items are only available in-store, so it's worth taking a peek at their full selection the next time you're there.


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