Here's Where to Buy Fortnite Monopoly in Canada!

Here's Where to Buy Fortnite Monopoly in Canada!

It's no secret that Fortnite is taking over almost everywhere, and now it's even making its way into the board game world.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition is the latest game to hit toy store shelves – and now it's available for in Canada!

This isn't like any Monopoly game you've played before. Instead of buying properties, players claim locations, battle opponents and try to avoid the Storm to survive.

To start, pick your character and then get ready to battle. Roll the action die to try and pick up health packs, build walls or damage your opponents. Plus, instead of money, you play with Health Points (HP).

The Fortnite Monopoly release date varies based on where you pre-order your game. It looks like it's already available from Walmart Canada for $24.93 (and some readers report seeing it in stores). However, it's not let available at Toys R Us Canada or EB Games, where pre-orders cost $24.99.


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  • Robyn L.

    It’s out already, just seen it at Walmart :rolling_eyes:

    • Greg M.

      omg Evan would love this.. Not only monopoly but fortnite.. Mind blown

      • Lynelle A.

        for the boys (the little AND the big boys:rolling_eyes:)

        • Alison K.

          Bahahahaha omg

          • Andree M.

            Already own it lol

            • Sabeeka R.


              • Stephanie J.

                .... something Dawson might like?

                • Teresa B.

                  Him and Ethan!! Thanks for this. We will have to keep a look out for it

                  • Stephanie J.

                    Batten down the hatches & drive safe today

                    • Teresa B.

                      I dont wanna adult today :sleepy:

                      • Stephanie J.

                        Lol:joy::joy: I feel ya my sista! Colin went in too