The Forever Disney Collection Lets You Relive the '90s

The Forever Disney Collection Lets You Relive the '90s

This is for all you ’90s kids out there. If you grew up watching classic Disney movies on VHS, you absolutely need to check out the latest collection to launch at the Disney Store.

The Forever Disney Collection pays tribute to the styles and movies of the 1990s with all kinds of collectibles, clothes and more – and everything is now available online!

Looking through all this really is a blast from the past. I mean it doesn't get more ’90s than this men's Max Pullover sweater!

The collection features characters from Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, A Goofy Movie and more. Some of these items could have been plucked right out of my basement in the ’90s, and you bet a few things are going on my Christmas list as soon as I'm done browsing!

There are even a few "grownup" accessories, like this The Hunchback of Notre Dame Clutch. It's made to look like a VHS case, and it would be perfect for a girls' night out.

All prices are listed in USD, and shipping costs vary based on what you order.


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