Flutterbye Flying Fairy Ocean Breeze Was $39 | Now $15 @ Walmart.ca

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Ocean Breeze Was $39 | Now $15 @ Walmart.ca


Have you ever seen that hilarious video on YouTube where the kids' fairy toy accidentally flies into the fire? Well, now your kiddo can have one of those toys! Right now Walmart.ca has the Flutterbye Flying Fairy Ocean Breeze on clearance sale from $38.97 down to $15. Walmart Canada also has a few different shipping options available.

Little girls will love this Flutterbye Flying Fairy Ocean Breeze doll, and now that it is on clearance sale your wallet won't mind either. The original price of nearly $40 was a little steep for my liking, but now that this fairy doll is priced at just $15 I would definitely consider it as a birthday gift for a friends little girl or something.

This Flutterbye Flying Fairy will help your child's imagination soar. This adorable little fairy will magically fly around the room and is said to be controlled by the palm of your hand, although the video I mentioned above shows that she doesn't always listen well. I am still laughing, is that cruel? When your child is not playing with their new Flutterbye Flying Fairy. it can sit decoratively on their dresser or nightstand. Then when your daughter is ready to play, the fairy will fly at just the push of a button.

While Walmart.ca suggests that this toy is best suited for children ages 3 through 8, I probably wouldn't hand it over to a toddler. The wings have been known to be a little delicate and you want this cute toy to last as long as possible. Plus, I would be a little more worried about the fairy changing direction and flying into my toddler's face or something.

There is also the Flutterbye Pink Flying Flower Fairy on clearance sale as well, but she is priced at $17 so not quite as low of a price. Walmart.ca has a few different ways to get your purchase to you. If you spend $50 or more then your parcel will be shipped right to your home for free. Otherwise your best bet is to have your item shipped to your local Canada Post Office for free or opt to pick it up at a Walmart Grav & Go locker if you have those in your area.

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