Flower Delivery Express: $40 Coupon Code

Flower Delivery Express: $40 Coupon Code


Flower Delivery Express hasn’t been mentioned on Bargainmoose before; it’s an online florist which could be an idea for you for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations. They seem to be a US based florist, but actually fulfil orders all over the world. We’ve found a coupon code for a $40 discount on ANY order there!

Click here to use the Flower Delivery Express coupon code online

  • CouponCode: FDERSC874
  • Discount: $40 off any order
  • Expires: Unknown

Now, each time I’ve been to the Flower Delivery Express site, it’s showing me a different $40 coupon code so I am not 100% sure how this works. It might have generated a coupon code different to the one above, for you. However, they all seem to be in this format: FDERSC*74, where just the asterisked number changes digits.

One thing that is a little unclear is what you get with some of the bouquets. For example, this Rose Bouquet Designed by Florist is priced at $19.99 after the above discount, that’s for the “good” sizing. However, there’s no picture as to what the “good” bouquet looks like, or no description of what it will actually contain. There is the option to get the “better” bouquet for $29.99 or the “best value” bouquet for $32.99, but again there is no clear explanation of what you’re getting for choosing the higher value items. You’re leaving it to trust, in this case. :) For some of the other flowers, such as this American Garden Bouquet, it states that the “best” is shown in the image, so you know what you are getting with that one.

Further $40 Rebate?

There’s also a big banner on site about a further $40 rebate. If you place any order now, you will also get emailed a $40 credit to use on a future purchase. There’s not a lot of value in this though – as these $40 coupon codes seem to be fairly frequent. I wonder if you can combine the future $40 account credit with a $40 code though… but I am pretty sure that won’t be possible.

Checking Out

When you are going through checkout, make sure you remove some of the added extras in your cart, if you don’t want them. For example, it automatically adds “enclosure card” for $4, tribute tree program for $2 and “vase” for $5 – remove those if you don’t want to keep them.


Service Fees & Delivery

The service fee for delivery varies depending on what day you choose. It will be $19.99 plus any surcharges. This seems to be a standard rate, sadly it’s quite high.


It looks like the surcharge fees are increased in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, but drop back down to the regular $1.99 from the 11th May. If you are ordering from the above store and want to get your mom some flowers guaranteed by the 10th, you’ll have to pay a few bucks extra. It’s good that the $40 discount pretty much covers all the service fees and surcharges.

Final Prices

Just to put it in perspective and by taking into account all the fees, the bouquet I was interested in had an original price of $59.99. The end price came to around $50 after the coupon was deducted and the sales fees and delivery included. If you're placing an order, compare like for like in the final price with companies such as Canaflora and 1-800Flowers.ca, to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.


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