Floating Pool Pong Table $37.92 @ Amazon

Floating Pool Pong Table $37.92 @ Amazon

Who needs a pool float that turns into a floating beer pong table? Me. Me. Me. Me.

This floating pool pong table is 6 feet long - perfect for lounging after an intense game of beer pong. It comes with 3 balls and 10 cups on each side.

The well-rated pong table ships for free.

I just have one question for you. Is it wrong for the kids to play juice pong?


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  • Lindsay H.

    how much fun would this be in Mexico!!! :heart_eyes:

    • Sarah M.

      Sooooo much fun, I feel we have wanted one of these for yeeears! How do we not own one yet?? :thinking:

    • Caitlin G.

      ummm.,. Are u thinking what I am thinking?

      • Austin A.

        I want. When I'm rich and own a house with a pool. :joy:

        • Austin A.

          True didn't even think about that