Float Away on Pizza Dreams - $53 @ Urban Outfitters

Float Away on Pizza Dreams - $53 @ Urban Outfitters

Have you ever dreamed of riding a slice of pizza while basking in the sun? Floating away in your most delightful dreams? Now you can. Urban Outfitters has quite a collection of hilarious pool floats - and this Pizza Slice Pool Float takes the cake. It is on sale from $59 down to $53 and all your friends will want one.

This pizza slice is about 6 feet in length - so any average human (unless you're a giant) can float leisurely while craving their favourite meal. It is even fitted with two cup holders - can you spot them?

Another cool aspect is that each individual float slice can be connected to another - so if your friends all buy a slice as well, you can connect together to make an entire pizza.

Shipping to Canada is $9.95 and your taxes are calculated at the check out process. After all is said and done (shipping and taxes), your total cost is $71.13. The next best price in Canada will come to about $71 after taxes etc at Amazon.ca but it is a Hong Kong seller.

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  • Mario B.

    j'y mangerais ben la pointe lollllllllll sti q'chu drole lolllllllllllll

    • FV4

      I got one exactly like that a month ago at giant tiger for I believe 25 $ only

    • Paula C.

      $50bucks for a floaty that will be sure to get a whole and end up in landfill is a bit much.