Finish Canada: B1G1 Free Mail-In Rebate

Finish Canada: B1G1 Free Mail-In Rebate


A great way to save money when you are shopping is by using mail-in rebates. You can buy a product up front, and save later when they send you a cheque for a portion or all of the price.  There is a great mail-in rebate for Finish right now: buy one Finish dish washing detergent, and get one free.

Buy any one of the following, up to an $8.49 value, to get your second for free: Finish Quantum 20ct, Powerball 25ct, GelPacs 25ct.

Finish has products that I often find on sale.  The best way to get the most out of your money is to wait until the product you want goes on sale.  You can save even more if you have a coupon that will go with the mail-in rebate.  For example, if you buy two of them on sale at $6 each and you also have a coupon for $2 off each of them, your total would be $8. Since coupons are treated like money, when you send in the mail-in rebate, instead of getting $4 back that you actually paid for one of them, you will get the full $6 back.  That means in the end, you got two of them for just $2 which is awesome!

Make sure you follow all of the instruction properly when you send in your mail-in rebate to make sure there are no issues.

(Expiry: 18th December 2013)


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