Meet the Newest Fingerlings: Light Up Narwhals

Meet the Newest Fingerlings: Light Up Narwhals

Remember the Fingerlings craze from a couple Christmases ago? Well, it might be making a comeback pretty soon.

It looks like WowWee, the company behind those crazy little monkeys, will soon add a new member to the Fingerlings family – and they already seem absolutely amazing.

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhals have officially made their way to the US – and they could be headed this way soon, too.

They're not listed on the official Fingerlings website yet, but I've seen them online at Walmart (where they're out of stock) and Amazon (where they're actually still available).

However, these little guys aren't sold anywhere in Canada yet – but we hope that'll change soon. In the meantime, here's what you need to know about Fingerlings Narwhals:

Instead of gripping your fingers like the traditional monkeys, sloths and unicorns, you wear the Fingerlings Narwhals like rings – with their flippers curled around your finger, backpack strap or just about anywhere else. There will be a few characters to choose from (each with their own name and signature colour), but they all have horns that light up when you blow them kisses!


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