Filler Items for only $0.01 Online @ Staples Canada!

Filler Items for only $0.01 Online @ Staples Canada!


The Staples online store offers many items for sale, as we all know. But did you know that there are actually some items on there for ONLY $0.01!!? Well, now you do.

The $0.01 items that I can see are:

There are two reasons that these $0.01 items could be useful:

  1. Staples offers free shipping on a $45 spend. If you happen to be buying something that is $44.99, then throwing a $0.01 item in your cart means that the free shipping threshold is met, saving you $15 in shipping fees!!
  2. If you’re placing an order anyway, just throw the $0.01 items in your cart as well. They’re practically free.

If you happen to spot any more in-store $0.01 items online at Staples Canada, please leave the link in the comments below! Happy shopping, guys!

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