Feisty Pets on Sale for $19 CAD @ ThinkGeek

Feisty Pets on Sale for $19 CAD @ ThinkGeek

These are the only stuffed animals you need to hug with caution! Feisty Pets make the perfect prank gifts, and ThinkGeek has them on sale for around $19 CAD each right now as part of their Singles' Day deals!

These horrifying little critters usually sell for $19.99 USD (so about $25.34 CAD), which means you're getting 25% off!

If you've never heard of Feisty Pets, be warned that there's more to them than meets the eye. When you squeeze your pet, they'll reveal scary, shifty eyes and sharp, bared teeth!

There are six different pets on sale that you can choose from: Cat, Monkey, Bear, Dog, Guinea Pig and Lion. Unfortunately, this deal doesn't include the Feisty Pets Christmas Bear, but we'll let you know if and when he goes on sale!

Standard shipping to Canada is $12.95, but you know it'll all be worth it to see the look on someone's face when you surprise them with this!


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  • Trish S.

    wth is this

    • Joellen S.

      think Carley would love these as much as she loves your Halloween doll? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

      • Sabrina C.

        I wanna get bug one of these lol

        • Danielle H.

          saw these thought of Allison!

          • Erica F.

            I actually bought her one a couple of weeks ago. She has the monkey.