Feisty Pets Christmas Bear on Sale for $16.69

Feisty Pets Christmas Bear on Sale for $16.69

This is the perfect gift for anybody who could be on both the naughty and nice lists! Feisty Pets are incredibly hard to find in Canada, but we tracked down the Feisty Pets Christmas Bear at ThinkGeek Canada on sale for $12.99 USD (down from $19.99)!

With the exchange rate, he'll cost you about $16.69, but that's a price I'm willing to pay to see this little guy get unwrapped this year!

His official name is Ebenezer Claws – for a reason. When you squeeze him, he'll bare his teeth! He wears a Santa hat that reads Naughty/Nice, and I'm guessing you know why!

He's recommended for ages 3 and older, but I think it'll be safer to keep him away from the toddlers.

If you have another Feisty Pet on your Christmas shopping list, ThinkGeek sells everything from Mini Feisty Pets to the original Feisty Pets! Which one will you pick to scare the whole family?

Standard shipping to Canada is $12.95, but you know it'll be worth it to prank someone!


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  • Erin W.

    a gift for Bradley? Hahahaha

  • Dana R.

    haha wtf

  • Phorsha G.

    Feisty needs one