Farberware Food Huggers (Set of 4) $10.99

Farberware Food Huggers (Set of 4) $10.99

If someone in your house is notorious for picking up a piece of fruit and then never finishing – and ultimately wasting – it (glaring at my husband here), I might have just found a solution.

They're called Food Huggers. These are reusable silicone "lids" that you can stretch across open containers, fruits and vegetables to keep the contents fresh whenever you want to save things for later.

Like the name suggests, these little guys hug around the mouth of a jar or individual fruits and veggies themselves to protect and preserve your food. Only want to slice up half an onion? You can slide a Food Hugger over what's left, pop it in the fridge and take the rest out to use another day!

They're available at Bed Bath & Beyond, where you can buy a pack of four Farberware Food Huggers in different sizes and colours for $10.99. They also sell a set of two Avocado Food Huggers for $13.99 (in different shades of green) that can accommodate pits and extend the shelf-life of those temperamental avocados.

I absolutely love that these are a reusable version of cling wrap – just wash these Food Huggers between uses, and you're good to go. Plus, they're all microwave-safe and freezer-safe, too.

I've also seen these Food Huggers at Amazon.ca, but they're usually marked up to around double the price there. So if you ever spot Food Huggers on sale or elsewhere in Canada, let us know in the comments!


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