Fairy Garden 52 Piece Set $15.99 @ Amazon

Fairy Garden 52 Piece Set $15.99 @ Amazon

Looking for a fun, warm weather project with your kids? My girls are in love with the Fairy Garden we started this year and I wholeheartedly recommend making one. I can't wait for them to see their new additions with this amazing set fromAmazon!

There are 52 pieces in this Fairy Garden Set and that saves me a lot of negotiations and headaches with sharing between sisters.

The set includes:

1 Climbing dog pillar with clock
1 Sign post
1 Mushroom house (Red)
4 Pairs of mushrooms
10 Ladybugs
2 Rabbits(2cm*2cm)
1 Table & chair set
2 Sheeps (1pc big + 1pc small)
2 Turtles
10 Flowers (color may vary)
1 Street light (lantern color may vary)
1 Bridge
2 Hedgehogs (color may vary)
1 Stone mill
1 Bird nest
1 Artificial hill
4 Mini castles
1 Fence
1 Bag of pins

Isn't that incredible? There's weeks worth of fun in that kit. The bag of pins mentioned in the contents, will help secure the pieces in the perfect spot, once your little ones have decided how to arrange their Fairy Garden for their little visitors.

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