FaceBook: Free Bubble Safari Game

FaceBook: Free Bubble Safari Game

Facebook has an awesome new game called Bubble Safari.  It's not just playing a game, you travel through a story line, collect groovy items and share with your friends.

This game is a blast! I have recently signed up with Facebook, (due to pressure from my sons) and I cannot believe the amount of friends and family members I have reconnected with, or the amount of fun I have had playing Bubble Safari! Tell all your friends, because the more you have, the more you can share.

It's awesome and the more friends you have, the more gifts you can give and get when you run out of things (like bubbles), so you can continue playing. I'm on level 8 and totally addicted.

Facebook is totally free and there is so much to do. You can just catch up with friends, locate people you haven't seen in years, make new friends or just simply take advantage of the many activities and games.

I cannot believe the amount of deals that are advertised on Facebook, great deals too, like free items, coupons for great savings, announcements for new products and tons more. I still have not figured everything out or I'd be able to tell you more.

All I can say is you have to sign up, it's not often that this much fun is free.

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  • Anna W.
    I started playing this the other day too, is quite good! Seen a lot of activity happening with my friends about it too :)
    • Brittany E.
      I want to play bubble safari on facebook
      • yogayogambal
        how to play this game on facebook.